Our Story

Wax Moon are an acoustic vocal duo: Paul Kimball and John Blatchford. Based in the SF Bay Area, Wax Moon's simple, clear sound is built around vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar, reaching back to the folk troubadour past but with all four feet planted firmly in the indie-folk-Americana present. 

Wax Moon's music is intimate and stripped down to the essential; their shared faith in the power of song is the way they connect with both audiences and with one another. There's an optimism and humanism inherent in Wax Moon, even when the lyrical subject matter veers towards the melancholy. If they take you to difficult places, you can be confident that Wax Moon will also walk you safely back from the edge. 

Paul cut his songwriting teeth as the leader of the cosmic country rock band Careless Hearts. John's multi-faceted musical expertise was featured most recently in the eclectic indie folk band The Mumlers and indie rock band Doctor Nurse. The two have forged a unique connection with Wax Moon, with a keen focus on writing and performing material that speaks from and to the heart.