Our Story

Wax Moon are an acoustic vocal duo: Paul Kimball and John Blatchford. Based in the SF Bay Area. Paul cut his songwriting teeth as the leader of the cosmic country-rock band Careless Hearts. John's multi-faceted musical expertise was featured most recently in the eclectic indie folk band The Mumlers, and in indie rock band Doctor Nurse. The two got together when the drummer who played in two of their former bands asked them to sing a couple songs as a duo at his wedding – they did, and haven't stopped singing together since. 

Wax Moon released their first 4-song EP "Ready or Not" in November of 2015. The second EP, the 5-song "Cool Blue Heat," came in November of 2016. Both were recorded as live in-studio performances, at Noise Root studio in San Jose, CA and mixed at the legendary Fantasy Studios (RIP) in Berkeley, CA. 

Since their 2nd EP release, Wax Moon have been performing as well as writing and recording "Hello Morning", the duo's debut full-length album.